Blessed to be A Blessing

Miss J and I were talking earlier tonight about a man who took his new shoes off his own feet to give to a homeless old man whose shoes were worn and tattered and had no way to buy another pair. Even though we knew that we could have done the same had we been placed in the same situation, we had to ask ourselves if we would. Then we had to be honest and say that perhaps we wouldn’t.

It’s so shameful to think that I would be so unwilling to encounter a little discomfort in my day, knowing that all I have to do is go home, open my closet, and get another pair of shoes, that I had to take pause before even writing it. What the hell is wrong with me? I want to help people on such a large scale, but maybe I wouldn’t give my shoes? As much as I would like to think I have a WWJD mentality, tonight was a big WTF moment for me. I think more people should have them.

I want to be able to write checks with lots of zeros, but right now all I can do is give $5.00 to my church’s food pantry. We have to stop thinking of things like that as small things. It’s a big thing. It’s the best I can do, and I’m doing it. And it feeds a person. A real person. Perhaps a kid, like my kid. I keep saying that I want to make big changes in the world someday, but my little forward movements can be life-changing for someone else. If I can’t be trusted to help on a small scale, why would God ever trust me to help on a large scale? ‘

This is a very real check on my integrity. I don’t need to be a Secret Millionaire. I just need to be a blessing right where I am.

3 thoughts on “Blessed to be A Blessing

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