Hustle Hard

Sweetie Pies, the two greatest compliments I ever received from my dad were that (1) he would want to be my friend even if he didn’t raise me, and (2) I am a tried-and-true hustler.

My dad has been very successful in building his business and brand throughout the years, and he has a ridiculous work ethic. So when he sees those qualities in me, I feel humbled. One of the hardest things about striking out on my own has been dealing with the failures that ultimately breed success. It’s heartbreaking to venture and lose when you have gotten used to winning. But picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, making adjustments to the plan that factor in your newfound knowledge, and getting back into the game is why winners win. They’re not perfect. They’re hustlers.

We’re only nine days into the new year, and already I see people who made those naughty, naughty resolutions slacking. To me, making resolutions is analogous to making wishes. There’s nothing concrete about either one of them.

Hustlers don’t make wishes. They make plans. They make those plans tangible by writing them down. Then, they do the hard thing. They show up everyday to work that plan, and most of the time at the beginning stages, they work alone. No one else gets it. No one else sees the endgame. But they keep working, and eventually people take notice that this person is serious about success. The groundwork is laid for others to see, the passion rubs off on them, and they want to hustle for you. Hustlers turn skeptics into believers just by continuing to show up.

Sweetie Pies, the hustle is a key ingredient in living the PIE life. It’s Positive to work hard and smart. My grandma always told me an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, and by now you should all know that I work for the opposing team. It’s Innovative to develop brand You, and firmly affix your unique spin on society by being an indispensable employee, an inventor, a service provider, or a driven entrepreneur. You’re Engaging people by drawing them into what you do, who you are, and the difference that you are making by putting your dreams into action.

It’s not a question of if. God has given you everything you need to live in abundance. He did not create you with lack. He always gives enough (Paula, I see you!). Sweetie Pies, if you have complained about anything concerning the state of the world in the last 12 months, then your mandate is clear.

Hustle hard. Now.

5 thoughts on “Hustle Hard

  1. You are the best. I appreciate the perspective and delivery to boot.
    I feel you as far as the dreamy like quality of resolutions. I prefer to think of them as goals, making them a bit more tangible and concrete, but the whole idea of plans is even better. You are a cutie! Thanks*

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  3. Lamonique, i really like your article, well written and entertaining as well as informative. Great Post!
    (I would love to feature it on my blog and create a link back to you.Let me know if thats ok.)

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