The Peel-Off (Part 4): Broke

Sweetie Pies, for the rest of this week I’ll be writing about removing the labels we place on ourselves and others in order for us to move forward and live the PIE life.

Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor. (Proverbs 21:21)

Sweetie Pies, a lot of you got paid today. That is, if you are blessed enough to have a job in this economy. Usually, people receive some source of income at the beginning of the month, only to find that everything has been delegated to bills and debts. There is no money left over for savings. There is no money left for leisure. And sometimes, there is not enough money to even cover your bills. Is this just my reality? Oh, boy.

In my case, what adds insult to injury is that opportunities seem to present themselves only when my wallet is empty. I have to wait until next year to attend a pitch conference. Ditto for a few blog conferences and online classes that looked interesting. I’ve had friends invite me to cool events that I would love to attend, but I have to turn them down. When they ask why, I tell them —

Girl, you know I’m broke.

Sometimes I feel like this label is affixed to my forehead. In the past, I’ve almost worn it as a badge of honor, a symbol that I am paying my dues in order to succeed in the future. However, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with starting with nothing, we have to peel off this label in order to claim the one we desire — prosperous.

If you’re like me, though, this label is less of a sticker and more like a magnet. I keep attracting it to me. And because prosperity is its polar opposite, I repel it. Meanwhile, I have a son to raise and send to college, and a business that desperately needs capital. My energy regarding money has to reverse itself in order to attract prosperity and repel lack.

First of all, we are not broke(n), so let’s lose the terminology. We’ve been peeling off these limiting labels, and becoming stronger everyday. We have commited ourselves to living our lives according to God’s purpose. We refer to God as our Father, and we know that everything under the sun belongs to Him. That means, as His children, we have an inheritance. We are no longer victims of our circumstance and, as such, can live in expectation of God’s plan and promise to prosper. If we don’t live with that expectation, we are calling God a liar. That will get your energy way out of wack. And we’ll keep repelling all that He has for us — prosperity, hope, and a future. Reverse your energy, and watch that label drop away.

It’s expectation of His inheritance that will turn this train around, and little else. It is not the same as entitlement. God loves, protects, and provides for us despite the fact that we sin and break His heart. Grace and mercy alone allow for us to live in expectation, and it’s freely given if only we choose to accept it.

Maybe you’re temporarily out of cash. Me too. But we are not broke. We are not poor. We have the love of God, our families, our friends, our purpose, and the expectation of God to fulfill His promises. We are rich beyond measure.

3 thoughts on “The Peel-Off (Part 4): Broke

  1. At a time in life where everything you read is depressing, angry, or just plain miserable it is really nice to read something uplifting. I have spent many times wearing labels that I wasn’t even aware I was wearing until someone else pointed them out. It takes time to realize the effects they have on day to day life but once you do realize its the start of walking in a new direction. This was a great post. I am new to blogging myself and it is really refreshing to see one that is not about giveaways, reviews, or the bad things in life. I look forward to reading many more of your posts!

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