I’m a YAY! Girl (and I want to recruit you).

yay meme

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Awhile back, I wrote a post about how much I love to watch television. I’m a self-admitted junkie. The fanfare of Memorial Day weekend is a reminder that some of my favorite shows are now on summer hiatus (Scandal Gladiators, can you believe that Byron from A Different World is Olivia Pope’s daddy?!?) or have aired their last episode (I’m not ashamed to admit that I wept pitifully while watching The Office series finale).

So, I’m left with re-runs of syndicated sitcoms. I was checking out How I Met Your Mother a few nights ago, and the episode discussed WOO! girls. Check out Bob Saget’s spot-on definition below.


Now, I don’t think his definition describes me at all, but I had to come to terms with my truth — I am a YAY! girl. I use YAY! in conversations, emails, texts, and social media. I use it all the time. Whenever someone gives me good news, I celebrate with a resounding YAY!

To be honest, I wasn’t happy to come to this realization. I’m an educated, somewhat sophisticated mother. Moreover, I’m a writer. Yet, when faced with good news, I instantly gravitate to YAY! At the very least, I should come up with a better word.  Blessings!, perhaps. Or Felicitations!

I was feeling bad about my YAY! habit until I received my Daily Fix email from Dani Johnson. She wrote about letting people know that they’re doing a good job in their everyday victories, and not waiting for huge success. She said, in part–

…it’s important that we look for opportunities to tell people they’re doing a good job at whatever it is they do, whether they are another parent, a co-worker, your waitress at a restaurant, or even your boss…it’s like speaking life into another person, and it actually gives you life as well. It activates the exhilarated energy inside of you, and it builds your confidence.

I’ve decided to stand in my truth. I am a YAY! girl. I truly love to see people do well, and I am so happy when people who may not have reached their goals yet have made a step or three in the right direction. I know for me, those few people who call, write, and stop by to tell me that they noticed that tiny step forward I was certain no one noticed, and were proud of me was, and continues to be, the motivation I need to move forward. Those people help me to not give up. If I can be that person for someone, then I am happy to do it. I’m just paying it forward.



I had a great time watching my friend, Benaiah, sing the national anthem last night. He was fantastic! As one of the Mudcats reps told him — he’s got it all. YAY, Benaiah!!!!

Benaiah Barnes, Carolina Mudcats

This is where I admit I actually yelled out WOO!


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