If I Bake the Cake, Then I’m Going to Eat It

cake, LaMonique Hamilton

The fork is optional.

Sweetie Pies, I’ve been getting myself in shape. I have a great workout class that I attend three times a week, just completed an Ab Challenge with several friends via Facebook, HipHopAbs with Shaun T, and the choreography for my play last weekend. Since I’m doing all of this, I’ve also been striving to make healthier food choices. That means yummy, fun things like cookies, cobblers, and yes, cake have had to take a backseat to the weight loss goal.

Still, I dream about cake. Cake that is moist on the inside, and has finger-licking, sweet-but-not-too-sweet frosting on the outside. I smell other people’s cakes. I watch them eat their cake, knowing that one day, when I’ve reached my goal and know that I won’t binge, I will have cake again.

A couple of weeks ago, Ms. J. wrote a post about putting together all the ingredients in our lives to make a wonderful dish — our best life. In it, she references Joel Osteen’s sermon, where he discusses how the seemingly bad things that happen to us often work to our advantage later on down the line. It’s the baking soda we need to make sure our cake rises.

I remembered this when, a few days ago, someone complained to me about a person trying to have their cake and eat it, too. This is by far one of the most stupid expressions ever uttered in the entire history of language. Any and all language.

In this context, I feel that our goals and vision of success are the cake. We have to go through all kinds of obstacles and stumbling blocks to make it through. But God has a way of putting those things together to get us where we need to be. When I hear that superdumb phrase, it makes me think that people are reluctant to buy into their purpose. What kind of God would have you go through all the ups and downs of living in your purpose, just for you to see the goal, own the goal, but not enjoy it?

Of course He means for you to eat the cake — just not the whole cake. The best part of eating cake is sharing it with others.  Cake is fellowship food. Sharing might give nourishment to someone who has grown weary on her journey. It may convince someone to change or add the necessary ingredients to their own cake. Plus, it keeps you from getting fat.

good life, LaMonique Hamilton

Baking my cake, Sweetie Pies.

Ideally, I would be the svelte lady with the great dress and shoes, speaking life into the people I encounter, and sometimes, eating cake.


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