You Gotta Be…

you gotta be, des'ree

A few weeks ago, I got an urge to record a song that my friend suggested I cover on Facebook. My crew, ever eager to create a project, came over within two hours of sending out a text and got to work. We finished it that evening, and it’s been sitting on my desktop ever since. I let it sit because I didn’t think it was good enough. It may not be, but as I noted earlier this week, silence is not protection. So, I’m letting it go out into the universe imperfect and flawed, because that’s how I have to go out into the universe. Knowing this, I still walk out of my house everyday and show up in my community. My social media and blogging community deserve the same.

While I reviewed the video, I took some time to let the lyrics minister to me.

Listen as your day unfolds

Challenge what the future holds

Always keep your head up to the sky


All I know is love will save the day.


4 thoughts on “You Gotta Be…

  1. Lovely, and in a single take too, which the original artist surely did not do. Can you play with the mix a bit to bring the vocals out? They should be front and center. You know that, of course. You have to believe it will sound great that way, and it will. You’re already 75% exposed, now just take that last step!

    Funny how an idiot like me will walk up to a mic and start singing, yet someone with 5 times the voice needs to be coaxed.

    Fair warning: If you do another mix with the vocals more audible, I’m going to track it down on YouTube and stick it at the end of a future blog post.


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