I am here: Soul of a PK

I’m always excited when a person with a strong, compelling voice throws his or her hat into the blogging arena, but this guy is extra special to me. ❤ Check out Benaiah's first post, and support him by following him as he navigates brokenness and redemption on his personal Christian journey.


Can you hear me now?  Good.  With all the blogs and commentaries on life, entertainment, and spirituality, one might ask “Why should I even bother to add my voice to the mix?”  The answer is simple.  This is MY voice, and no one can speak for me but me.  On the same token, my thoughts, perspectives, experiences, feelings, views, etc. just might speak to the heart and core of someone who takes the time to read these words.  

Sometimes the best way to heal or help yourself is by speaking to the needs of others.  That is exactly what I want to do.  So we’ll start with a confession.  I have not always lived a perfect life.  How about another confession.  I still don’t live a perfect life.  I get angry.  I say and do things I should not.  I’m a man.  I am flesh and blood.  But if there’s one thing I’ve learned being a preacher’s…

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