The Beyonce Blessing

Beyonce, prom dateDisclaimer: I don’t claim to be Beyoncé, and my boyfriend is definitely not the guy in the picture. I wasn’t trying to send him a message. Please don’t inbox either of us. This is a closed relationship, and we like it that way. We’re good.

I came across this meme last night, laughed and said, “Thank you, Jesus.” God can speak through anything He wants.

I looked at the picture and saw myself in the guy. How many times have we had a Beyoncé opportunity and blown it because there was something easier and more attainable, only to look back later and see that what we ended up with was a broke, basic butter face (click here for definition, lol)? God wants to give us Beyoncé blessings, but we don’t want to do Beyoncé work.

Blessings come with responsibility. God expects your best. He expects your work and obedience. You have to walk through the doors that He opens.  Let’s keep it real — some of us stay cooped up in the foyer when God has opened up the entire mansion for our use, enjoyment and shelter.

Let’s go further. At the time that picture was taken, Beyoncé looked like just a pretty girl who could sing. You can find that all over YouTube. She probably told this dude that if he stuck it out, dealt with the schedule, got serious about his grind while she was serious about hers, that God had something major in store. He had given her mogul vision, and had put her in a position and around the right people to bring that vision to life. There would be hard days and tough times, but if he would just believe, there would be a blessing.

The beginning of a blessing is a sweet and strange moment. We can look back and see just how much we’ve been through while looking forward to all the wonderful opportunities that are ahead. That’s where I am now. God is showing up and showing out in my life. His promise to me has not come back void. **insert praise dance here**

I don’t know that guy’s name, but Beyoncé is a regular in my music rotation. He chose the easy way out, and now he’s only known as the dummy that gave up Beyoncé. I don’t want to be that dummy. I refuse to give away the blessing that God has for me because it’s not easy. I’m going to be there while Tina does weave and costumes, Mathew lands gigs and record deals, while Kelly stays and Latavia and Letoya go, when Farrah acts a fool and Michelle sings on the bridge, from Grandma’s porch to the Grammy awards, until my Beyoncé blessing gets so big that it can drop hit albums without the pre-media blitz.

Sweetie Pies, I implore you to ask God for discernment to see those Beyoncé opportunities in your life, and to help you avoid the basic distractions that will keep you from realizing your purpose. If you like it, put a ring on that blessing and commit. 




9 thoughts on “The Beyonce Blessing

  1. Interesting piece… But there are many more aspects I can view the story. Maybe God’s plan for him wasn’t Beyonce. Yes Beyonce is successful and probably the best at her craft but does that mean they are meant for one another?

    Like I believe, every good man/woman cannot be your husband/wife. Many people are with successful nice people and are not happy and not enjoying their relationships.

    I personally think God has a great plan for every individual even those that loose the ‘beyonces’ of this world and what seems amazing to the people on the outside might not be amazing to the people on the inside.

    Just my point of view…

    • Thanks for your comment. I definitely believe that as well. Every good person/thing is not necessarily a God-ordained part of your life. In this case, I was speaking more so about the wonderful plans that God has for us, and how we don’t always commit and put effort into making those plans come to fruition. We have to align ourselves with God and put our faith in action in order to see big, Beyonce-sized results. And I’ve only seen one interview with the guy in the picture, but he definitely seems to have a few regrets LOL. Look forward to hearing more from you and will check out your blog as well. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      • hello beloved this is a real good read,now you got me doing some serious reflecting…Thank GOD that you are never too old to receive a beyonce blessing, and many times we don’t realize we have the potential of the beyonce blessing within our ownselves

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