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Going All In and Finding Freedom

Going All In and Finding Freedom

If I’m honest with myself, and God knows I hate when I have to be, I know that I haven’t been fully committed to much in my life. I’m a girl who loves options — an escape plan, a new boss, even another lover to replace a current one if things don’t work out. At the first … Continue reading

Business: So Easy My Kid Can Do It

Business: So Easy My Kid Can Do It

My son decided to start a business this week. He likes gadgets, they cost money, and I’m not willing to spend my money on equipment that will be obsolete by the end of the week. He made the decision on Monday. Since then, he has: 1. Created business cards; 2. Created a website (see here); … Continue reading

Jesus, Be a Fence!

Jesus, Be a Fence!

When I was growing up, I remember hearing older people saying this in exasperation as they watched us younger folks doing things we just did not have any business doing. I always thought they were just asking Jesus to protect us. I didn’t realize they were talking about themselves as well as they dealt with our … Continue reading

Fighting Crime, Trying to Save the World

Not really. I’ve just watched many, many episodes of PowerPuff Girls this week. Since both my son and I have been sick this week, we have bonded over cartoons, chicken noodle soup and TheraFlu. Today was the first day we both felt well, and as I ran errands around town, I kind of missed hanging … Continue reading

Say My Name, Say My Name

Paula over at Reflections from a Cloudy Mirror posted a beautiful list of what love means to children ages 4-8. Check it out when you get a chance. The quote that stuck out the most to me was this When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that … Continue reading

Trayvon Martin is My Son

This weekend, I watched my son play his final basketball game of the season. He scored 8 points, and made lasting memories with his teammates. When we got home, he changed clothes, threw his Giants baseball cap on backwards because he thinks it’s cooler like that, and headed outside to ride his bike for a … Continue reading

Holding Possibility

Sweetie Pies, I had the privilege of holding a newborn baby this evening. He was wonderful and perfect, and I cradled him while he slept for well over an hour. I adore spending time with children, but I don’t want to have any more of my own. Not even that sweet baby boy can change … Continue reading

Because I Said So!

Sweetie Pies, my son has gotten into the very bad habit of questioning everything I do. I love this kid, but he irritates the pee out of me when he doesn’t accept what I say and doubts that I’m looking out for him. Back in the day, my granddaddy would’ve thrown a shoe at him! … Continue reading


Sweetie Pies, I told my son to make sure to thank God tonight in his prayers for the time between his teacher calling me about his lax attitude toward his work and my picking him up from school. It probably saved his life. When I really think about it, I need to thank God for … Continue reading