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Going All In and Finding Freedom

Going All In and Finding Freedom

If I’m honest with myself, and God knows I hate when I have to be, I know that I haven’t been fully committed to much in my life. I’m a girl who loves options — an escape plan, a new boss, even another lover to replace a current one if things don’t work out. At the first … Continue reading

Why I Stopped Having Flings

Sweetie Pies, I want a love that’s built to last. And I want it to permeate every part of my life. I spent a lot of my twenties having flings. I spent time with people who didn’t share my values and, while we always had a good time, I knew that one day I wouldn’t … Continue reading

A Band Walks into a Bar

My band has a strict no alcohol policy during rehearsals. It keeps things pretty orderly and ensures that we have as smooth a practice as possible. After rehearsal last night, we made our way to the bar so the guys could have a beer and I could have a soda (because a mom with a … Continue reading