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You Gotta Be…

A few weeks ago, I got an urge to record a song that my friend suggested I cover on Facebook. My crew, ever eager to create a project, came over within two hours of sending out a text and got to work. We finished it that evening, and it’s been sitting on my desktop ever since. … Continue reading

If I Bake the Cake, Then I’m Going to Eat It

If I Bake the Cake, Then I’m Going to Eat It

Sweetie Pies, I’ve been getting myself in shape. I have a great workout class that I attend three times a week, just completed an Ab Challenge with several friends via Facebook, HipHopAbs with Shaun T, and the choreography for my play last weekend. Since I’m doing all of this, I’ve also been striving to make … Continue reading

My Love on Top

My Love on Top

If it weren’t for Facebook and Twitter, I wouldn’t have a blog. If I did, I would only post every couple of months or so. Most of my ideas spawn from something I read on social media. That’s my excuse for spending way too much time dealing with it when I’m supposed to be writing. … Continue reading

My Dating Life is None of Your Business

Someone asked me about the D-Word again today. This makes about the gazillionth time I’ve heard it since I’ve been an adult. Are you dating someone? I feel like when I answer the question I have given too much information. I want to have snazzy comebacks. Sweetie Pies, consider this a formal solicitation for said comebacks. … Continue reading

Did I Just Block a Blessing?

Sweetie Pies, tonight I realized why there is an unlike option on Facebook. There was a particular update that I, as a woman of faith, could appreciate. At first glance. I clicked that little thumbs-up symbol, shut off the social media, and went about my evening. However, that status will not leave me alone (hence … Continue reading

We’re All Friends Here

            According to this New York Times article, we no longer have six degrees of separation. It has now narrowed to just 4.74 degrees, as determined by our Facebook “friends.” As much as I wanted to write about how wonderful it is that we are all so connected because of social … Continue reading