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A Jesus Encounter

A Jesus Encounter

In the comments section of an article I read tonight was a message to someone whose words spewed with bitterness in the name of the Lord. You need a Jesus encounter. It wouldn’t leave me alone, and so I find myself here after a hiatus filled with parenting, work, opportunities, worry, stress, stillness, and prayer. I’ve been … Continue reading

One Mom to One Million Moms

One Mom to One Million Moms

I want to thank the One Million Moms organization. Because of your website, I wrote a script yesterday about what I want my brand to symbolize. For months, I tried to come up with something to put on film and came up with nothing. I was coming up empty on how I personally defined being positive. … Continue reading

Jesus, Be a Fence!

Jesus, Be a Fence!

When I was growing up, I remember hearing older people saying this in exasperation as they watched us younger folks doing things we just did not have any business doing. I always thought they were just asking Jesus to protect us. I didn’t realize they were talking about themselves as well as they dealt with our … Continue reading

Touch Your Future

Sweetie Pies, I used to date a gentleman who loved to take test drives of luxury vehicles. On weekends, before he’d go to work or take me out, he’d have to go driving. I realized very early on that we’d never have weekend brunch together. One night, a little tired of this particular routine, I asked … Continue reading

Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down

Sweetie Pies, do you ever hear a voice telling you to take a chance on something? Sometimes it might tell us to go out and price an expensive piece of equipment for our business, call a friend or relative we haven’t spoken to in a while, or do something that breaks with our normal routine. If … Continue reading

How’s That Silence Working For You?

Sweetie Pies, I was reminded today why it is so detrimental to our society for good people to remain silent. So often we are silent when we see that someone could use an encouraging word as they work to reach their goals. We are silent when we see injustices splayed across our papers, screens and … Continue reading

Giving Up Laziness for Lent

I’ve had time to think and pray this Ash Wednesday in preparation for the Lenten season, and how I would choose to fast this year. I thought about giving up junk food, cursing, or Saturday cartoons (yes, I still watch and love them), but I realized they all have one thing in common — laziness. … Continue reading

We Are the Church

Sweetie Pies, I’m sure many of you watched the homegoing celebration of Whitney Houston today. I did, and I was blessed by it. For much of the time I was watching, I was also on Twitter reading the reactions of the people on my timeline (and throwing in a few of my own Amens). And while … Continue reading

The Peel-Off (Part 4): Broke

Sweetie Pies, for the rest of this week I’ll be writing about removing the labels we place on ourselves and others in order for us to move forward and live the PIE life. Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor. (Proverbs 21:21) Sweetie Pies, a lot of you got paid today. That … Continue reading