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Going All In and Finding Freedom

Going All In and Finding Freedom

If I’m honest with myself, and God knows I hate when I have to be, I know that I haven’t been fully committed to much in my life. I’m a girl who loves options — an escape plan, a new boss, even another lover to replace a current one if things don’t work out. At the first … Continue reading

My Dating Life is None of Your Business

Someone asked me about the D-Word again today. This makes about the gazillionth time I’ve heard it since I’ve been an adult. Are you dating someone? I feel like when I answer the question I have given too much information. I want to have snazzy comebacks. Sweetie Pies, consider this a formal solicitation for said comebacks. … Continue reading

Grab a Piece of Happiness

Grab a Piece of Happiness

Tonight I am late coming to this place, again. My little cousins have been busy entertaining me with their antics, dances and games. I have enjoyed them, and the house will feel sadly quiet when they leave tomorrow. They are rambunctious, full of love, energy and trouble, and they make my heart so very happy. … Continue reading

Why I Stopped Having Flings

Sweetie Pies, I want a love that’s built to last. And I want it to permeate every part of my life. I spent a lot of my twenties having flings. I spent time with people who didn’t share my values and, while we always had a good time, I knew that one day I wouldn’t … Continue reading

Showing Haters the Door

Sweetie Pies, when you start moving forward in God’s purpose for your life you are going to lose friends. Ms. J wrote a really great post today about the importance of having the right people in your inner circle. It is crucial to our success to have those people who will lift you up, give … Continue reading

Tired of Lack

After I dropped my son off at school this morning, a man turned his Jeep around to ask me a question. He didn’t say good morning or ask how I was doing. Instead he said Hey, you got a boyfriend? I was trynna holla. As I walked away without saying a word, I muttered to myself about … Continue reading